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Friday, 19 September 2014

Portraits at LFW ss15

A series of some of the most gorgeous faces Ylenia and I spotted around Somerset House during LFW ss15.

These doll-like, flawless and super gorgeous faces really blew my mind away and after having a look at Ylenia's beautiful shots I've decided to play around a bit with the editing in order to stress and underline the beautiful colors featuring my subjects and their looks.

I really hope this portraits will make you dream a bit and catch your attention as these people did with me in the first place.

PHOTOGRAPHY Ylenia Margareci 
EDITING Carlotta Buosi 

Believe it or not, the updates from fashion week end are not over yet!
So as usual…stay tuned!

Street style at LFW (ss15) #3

One of my favourite things of thins fashion week apart from attending some pretty amazing shows and having a chance to meet the creative minds behind the new collections by going around the showrooms was, as usual, spotting steer style trends and ideas.

Sometimes the court yard gets so busy tough that you struggle to really see all of the different and creative ways in which these people, more or less involved with the fashion industry, express themselves.
That's why this fashion week I was so glad to have the support of a few great photographers, who followed me and helped me in the search for the most interesting looks  and most tragical (not necessary in a negative way…) fashion choices.

One of them, whose photographs of me I've already posted here, was Ylenia Margareci.
Young, Italian, energetic, she used to work in the film industry as a producer before deciding to move to London and get involved with photography, which was a very happy decision as she is definitely good at it, especially when it comes to go out there and snap as fast as you can.

She is definitely not scared of trying new angles, lying in the ground to catch the best image and getting close, very close, to the subject if necessary.
Welcome my new favorite street photographer everyone!
I am sure you'll read her name here again soon…

Cherry on top of an amazing last day of fashion week: Meeting Sarah from Framboise Fashion eating pop corns and laughing while sitting around!
(Check out her beautiful blog here)

Stay tuned!

What the look #2

I know I know, 
I just told you that posting outfit photos was not going to become an habit.
It's not!
But I just needed to share these amazing shots that photographer Ylenia Margareci took super exclusively for me while accompanying me around on the last day of LFW.

I adore her eye and that's why at the end of a full collection of street style looks, the very last ones of the week, I let her snap me as well and we had a big of fun playing with angles and shapes.

Hope you'll like them!
Many more to come from Ylenia…

Knitted top: ZARA
Bomber: Vintage
Sunnies: Persol
Shoes: TOP SHOP 
Piton Bag: Vintage 

Photography by Yleina Margareci 

I'll be back very soon!

Street Style at LFW ss15 #2

Hello again everyone!
You might be wondering what happened to me today as this is the third post I'm putting ups already and is not even lunch time…
Well, I am on fire!
But most of all this might be due to the fact that for once in my life I am not writing my blog from any Starbucks or whatever coffee shop that would provide a better wifi than the one I can benefit from at home.

Not at all!
In fact, I am writing from the amazing LCF Library, as I've now began college again and I'm getting into the MA Fashion Journalism mood…
That and the fact that I am insert into an academic environment again are making me uber productive and I am getting stuff done at an insane speed, which feels great after such a long time feeling like I was falling behind with pretty much everything.

Here we go with another thatche of the LFW street style looks I've been snapping last week around Somerset House.
As I mentioned two posts ago when i shared with you the first looks I had snapped during the first day of FW, this time I've been much more selective about who and what i was photographing.
A good example of that would be the shoes insight which was the very first update I've posted here, but you'd be able to feel that also looking at these looks.

Despite some of them being pretty crazy indeed, most of them have at least certain element that are undoubtedly tasteful and lovely to look at.
From amazing detailing to statement pieces, hair style and beauty on the other side, 
these are definitely the looks I wanted to remember.

Are they inspiring you too?

Believe it or not…more updates to come very soon!
Stay tuned!